Sick child taking pills to reduce symptoms

When your child gets sick, what is the first step that you do? You immediately search for your child’s symptoms and the appropriate treatment.

Right? I am guilty of it, most of us are.

But what if I tell you that you can actually heal your child by addressing the root cause of your child's health problems? Not by treating your child’s symptoms but by paying attention to its body, mind, and soul.

Fellow moms, my name is Bettina Gross. I am the founder of Empowered Mom. Healthy Child.

More importantly, I am a mom you can relate with.

My expertise is on integrating holistic approaches into their child's health journey. Through this, you can be less frustrated, and you can raise healthy, happy kids and live the family life you have always dreamed of.

What have you been doing wrong?

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

What have you been doing wrong?

If your child has a health problem, let's say a persistent rash, chances are you went to the drug store. You looked for the best over-the-counter remedy you could find.

For instance, you might have gone to whole foods to look for a homeopathic remedy or anything with a label saying: “Your kid has an itchy, persistent rash? Take ME.”

However, did the rash truly go away? Did it solve your child’s problem?

Undeniably, I often see parents make the same mistake of focusing on treating a specific symptom.

Certainly, I truly understand where you’re coming from. It is natural to focus on what is most obvious.

But then, it's not just the parents. Conventional medicine also has a symptom based approach when treating a disease. 


How Conventional Medicine Treats Symptoms

Conventional medicine also follows a symptom-based approach when treating a disease.

In conventional medicine, a patient is tested, diagnosed, and treated with an accepted drug regimen.

There is little to no thought or focus as to why the problem occurred or if it can be reversed or how future problems might be prevented.

Therefore, if the symptoms your child is presenting with do not fall into a specific known disease category, the parents are frequently told that their child is fine, that there’s nothing really wrong, or that they are overreacting.

Congratulations! Your child has just fallen through the cracks of modern medicine! Sad, but true.


Why Treating your Child's Symptoms is the Worst Thing you can Do

Frankly, most drugs only mask symptoms. They provide only temporary relief or cover up the symptoms.

With this approach, the cause of your child's ailments is never addressed. And if that doesn’t happen, there is nothing preventing its health problems from showing up over and over again. 

Also, in many cases, the symptoms get worse over time. New symptoms that aren't obviously linked to the first set of symptoms develop.

In other words, your child is getting worse and as a parent, you’re getting more worried by the day.

Fortunately, you can end this vicious cycle right now. Here and today.

I'm going to show you a new way that will help you to get rid of your child's health problems and the symptoms that go along with it.


The Science Behind the Root-Cause Method

Have you ever wasted a thought on what might actually be causing your child’s health problems? If not, I would like to introduce you to the “root-cause method”.

This method is grounded on 3 basic principles.

First, the body is naturally equipped to be healthy.

Second, the body’s organs and systems are all interrelated.

Third, when the root cause of a health problem is uncovered and removed, the body is capable of healing itself.

The question now is, how do we discover the root cause?

Since the cause of the actual problem is oftentimes not obvious or hidden underneath the surface, like the roots of a giant tree,  we like to refer to it as the “ROOT-CAUSE”.

On the other hand, if the root-cause is represented by the roots of the tree, what would be represented by the branches?

Exactly, the symptoms.

What has to happen next can also be explained by the ways of gardening. If you only pull out the weeds superficially, trying to make your garden look nice but not removing them at the root, they will immediately grow back.

The same thing happens when you only address your child's health problems at the symptoms.

The problem? It’s still stuck deep down in the root.


How to Use the Root-Cause Method

The primary purpose of this approach is to identify the stressors causing impairment to the body.

This may relate to your child’s diet, lifestyle or genetics.

Once the cause of the stressor is identified, we proceed with 3 simple steps:


3 simple steps to healing your child once and for all

The first step involves understanding the issue. We find out the root cause of the problem.

Just a word of caution.

Doing this yourself can be really tricky and risky.

Thus, I highly recommend partnering up with a healthcare professional who offers a root-cause-based therapy approach.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ideal example of an approach that finds out the cause of a health problem and offers a bunch of diagnostic tools to help you do exactly that.

The second step is removing the stressing factors. This means that whatever is overwhelming your child's body needs to be removed before healing can take place.

Finally, the third and last step is easy. It is letting your child's body take over to heal itself.

Once the root cause of a health problem is discovered and the triggering factors are removed, the body is absolutely capable of healing itself in most cases.


The Root-Cause Method isn’t a quick fix

Truly, we now know that treating your child’s symptoms is the worst thing you can do if you’re trying to get rid of its health problems.

Unfortunately, I still often see parents make the mistake of focusing on treating a specific symptom if the child has a health problem.

I know you want it simple and you want it quick. But treating your child’s symptoms without considering the root-cause of the problem will do the exact opposite. You’ll end up like most parents, wasting months and months by trying to find a magic cure to eliminate their child’s symptomes. This will cost you loads of time, money, and energy without actually helping your child.

The medications, therapies and other treatments will only try to mask the symptoms and expose your child further relapses.

True healing takes time and can’t be rushed. But, if you are a health-conscious mom, you already know that raising a healthy child means paying attention to your child's mind, body, and soul.

 3 healing Balance Archetypes

The good news is that I can guide you in restoring your child’s body balance and achieving optimal health.

That’s why I have come up with 3 healing Balance Archetypes.

Consider this as the first step on your child's health journey to true and lasting healing and my personal gift to you.

Knowing your child's Balance Archetypes will help you uncover the root cause of your child’s health issues, restore its natural body balance, and start a true inner healing process.

You can find out what your child’s Balance Archetype is by taking the “Pediatrics Body Balance Assessment”. Once you’ve completed the assessment you’ll receive an enlightening PDF guide that will guide you through the quiz results and what to do next.

Welcome to the journey. Let’s get you started on your road to health and happiness.

I know you’re ready.

I cannot wait to begin this beautiful journey with you.

xx Bettina 

About the Author Bettina

Bettina Gross is a holistic pediatric health coach who empowers moms to take charge of their kids health and step into their own role as a healer, so that they can raise healthy, happy kids and live the family life of their dreams.

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