What nobody tells you about boosting your child's immune system.

Austria is renowned for its winter sports and athletes who dominate the snowy slopes. While we cheer for them during the winter season, have you ever wondered what these winter celebrities are up to during the summer?

Contrary to popular belief, their path to success isn't as simple as lounging on the beach and then casually strapping on their skis in October to claim gold medals.

When it comes to your child’s health, especially the protection against germs during the cold season, it’s pretty much the same.

Just like these athletes, our children's immune systems require preparation in advance to conquer the challenges of the cold season.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of starting early to strengthen your child's immune system, ensuring they stay healthy throughout autumn and beyond.

BUT I will also share with you how you can double your child’s immune strength TODAY!

So stay tuned!

The Immune System: A Year-Round Priority

Boosting your child's immune system shouldn't be limited to the winter months.

Nevertheless, every year when we hit the first wave of flu and colds I start to notice advertisements about miraculous immune boosters everywhere - the radio, television, magazines and billboards.

And every year the same thought crosses my mind: Now it’s too late.

As we all know, the immune system plays a crucial role in defending against illnesses and infections all year long.

By focusing on strengthening your child's immunity throughout the year, especially in the 3 months that precede the starting point of the flu and cold season, you can immensely enhance their ability to fight off seasonal bugs and stay healthy.

Why does it take so long?

The immune system is a complex and sophisticated network that requires time to get stronger.

Western medicine and its drugs have made us used to immediate results upon taking the pill. Just think about it. If you have a headache, you take some Ibuprofen and 30 minutes later your headache is gone.

But is it true healing that is going on here? No. It's just masking the symptom, the headache.

If you are someone who frequently suffers from headaches and want to get to the root of it, it might take you months to restore a state of balance among all the body systems in order to do that.

And it's the same with your child’s immune system.

Why is my child’s immune system weak in the first place?

A baby’s immune system is not fully developed when they are born. It gets stronger and matures as the child gets older.

Because of that it is absolutely normal for your child to catch all kinds of viruses. It is how your child’s immune system learns.

Nevertheless I advise you to take a critical look at the frequency of your child’s infections and how quickly it is moving through them.

If your kid…

  • catches a cold every few weeks
  • if it takes longer than a week to recover
  • if it develops complications like ear infections, sinus infections with the cold
  • if it develops a lingering cough, constantly enlarged tonsils or runny nose

…something else is going on.

Is your child’s immune system forced to be “on call” 24/7?

In my opinion talking about “strengthening” the immune system isn’t quite accurate.

It really is not about strengthening but rather about taking other tasks off the immune system's plate that aren’t really part of its job in order for it to be able to focus on the things that really are its job. Namely fighting off viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

You see the immune system is like the military force of your body. It will react to all threats and seeks to protect and defend.

It does not distinguish between viruses, environmental toxins, pollen, gluten, dairy, toxins from bad bacteria in your gut or the like.

All that overwhelms your child’s immune system and forces it to be “on call” 24/7.

And this is NOT what our body was genetically designed to do.

Your child’s immune system is so busy that it becomes unable to fight off simple stuff, like viruses. It takes us longer to recover, and sometimes, some kids don’t recover and conditions become chronic.

In my blog article The connection between immune health and nutrition you can read more about how you can take some of that burden off your child’s plate so their immune system can focus on the stuff it is actually supposed to do…fighting off viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

Increase your Child’s Immune Strength by 50% NOW

As summer rolls by, it's crucial to remember that building a resilient immune system is an ongoing process, requiring consistent effort throughout the year. 

If you want your child to brave cold and flu viruses this fall NOW is the time to start!

But increasing your child’s immune strength by 50% like TODAY is actually really easy.

Just take sugar out of the game and it’s DONE.

Did you know that within 30 minutes of eating sugar, your white blood cells' ability to "eat up" viruses and bacteria decreases by 50%? And this effect lasts for at least 5 hours!

So…still thinking of giving your child that soda?

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to your child's health. 

Start the journey toward a strong immune system now and provide your child with the best possible foundation for a healthy and thriving life.

xx Bettina

About the Author Bettina

Bettina Gross is a holistic pediatric health coach who empowers moms to take charge of their kids health and step into their own role as a healer, so that they can raise healthy, happy kids and live the family life of their dreams.

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