Holistically Heal Your Child

Day 1 - October 3rd

  • Preventing and Reversing Chronic Illness & your Child’s Metabolic Health

Bettina Gross

"Why Treating your Child's Symptoms is the Worst Thing you can Do"

Robin Ray Green

"The Overlooked Root Causes in Children's Health that Must be Addressed to Fully Heal"

Day 2 - October 4th

  • Preventing and Reversing Chronic Illness & your Child’s Metabolic Health

Beth Lambert

"Reversing Children's Chronic Conditions using a Personalized, Total Load Approach"

Dr. Nasha Winters

"Metabolic Approach to Whole Family Care"

Day 3 - October 5th

Deep Impacts of Food on Your Child's Health

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride

"The GAPS Nutritional Protocol"

Dr. Katherine Reid

"Cravings: Glutamate and America's Health Crisis"

Day 4 - October 6th

Treating and Preventing Toxic Overload in Moms & Children

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

"The Smaller the Package, the More Powerful the Toxins Effect Protecting Your Children in this Increasingly Toxic World"

Ami Hazel

"The ingredients we use In & On our Bodies Matter! The Low Down on Living a Low Tox Lifestyle"

Day 5 - October 7th

Discover the Art of Integrative Medicine & Testing to Stop your Child's Vicious Cycles

Dr. Sheila Kilbane

"Stopping the Cycle of Recurrent Illnesses in Children"

Sandie Gascon

"Integrative Healing Approach to Working with Children with Chronic Illness"

Day 6 - October 8th

Unlock the Secret of Epigenetics & Genomic Testing to Understand your Child Better

Dr. Sue McCreadie

"Discover How to Eat for your Genetics"

Dr. Erika Gray

"Understand your Child's DNA, Understand your Child"

Day 7 - October 9th

What your Average Pediatrician Doesn’t Tell you About your Child’s Eczema & Constipation

Anne Fischer Silva

"The Gut-Eczema Connection"

Dr. Ibby Omole

"Addressing Constipation Holistically in Children"

Day 8 - October 10th

Highly Effective Ways to Approach ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Disorders & Tic Disorders Holistically

Sonia Story

"3 Keys to Overcome ADHD, Sensory Disorders, and Anxiety with Neurrodevelopmental Movements"

Dr. Piper Gibson

"Tackling Tic Disorders Holistically"

Day 9 - October 11th

Inspirational Tools to Support your “High Maintenance Child” with Peace and Mindfulness

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

"Healing Defiance and Anxiety from the Inside-Out. And how Parents Can Do This"

Dana Kaplan

"Discovering YOUR Internal Superpowers"

Day 10 - October 12th

Special Diet Management & Home Cooking Made Easy

Shandy Laskey

"How to Help your Child Overcome Picky Eating and Upgrade their Nutrition"

Katie Kimball

"Making Special Diets for Kids Less Scary and More Manageable"

Amanda Love

"Meal Prep Made Easy"

Day 11 - October 13th

Discover the Power of Homeopathy & Real Immunity vs. Vaccination to Support your Child

Joette Calabrese

"Get Control of the Health of Your Family. Just Say No to a Synthetic Lifestyle"

Cilla Whatcott

"There is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis!"

Day 12 - October 14th

Experience the Powerful Benefits of Essential Oils & Shamanic Healing

Brianna Wilkerson

"How to Use Essential Oils to Transform Your Child’s Health"

Rosalba Fontanez

"Heal Energetic Imprints for a Child's Well-Being"

Day 13 - October 15th

The Wisdom of Herbal Medicine and Nature

Jane Barlow

"Be Your Own Medicine Man or Woman"

Laura Baum

"Herbalism for Children Pre- Kindergarten to 8th Grade"

Day 14 - October 16th

Mom Empowerment and Mindset & Taking Action

Carla Atherton

"Shifting into a New World of Health Empowerment for Our Children"

Dr. Laura Foster

"Your Healing is the Gateway to the Life you are Meant to Live"

Bettina Gross

How to Become the Mom-Healer Your Child Needs on its Healing Journey

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