Day 1 - October 16th

Root-Cause Medicine versus Treating Symptoms

Bettina Gross

"Why Treating your Child's Symptoms is the Worst Thing you can Do"

Dr. Madiha Saeed

"Real Life Time Effective Strategies for Raising Healthy Brains and Bodies"

Day 2 - October 17th

Preventing and Reversing Chronic Illness by Optimizing Gut Health

Elissa Arnheim

"Healthy Gut Happy Child: Do This First"

Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer

"Balancing Bellies and Emotions: A Parent's Guide to Child Gut Health"

Day 3 - October 18th

Discover the Role of a Balanced Microbiome for your Child’s Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Maya Shetreat

"The Dirt Cure: How Microbes, Food and Nature Can Heal Our Kids"

Dr. Grace Liu

""Gut Guardians: Unveiling Gut Bacteria Akkermansia's Secrets for Health and Well Being""

Day 4 - October 19th

Treating and Preventing Toxic Overload in Children

Evan Brand

"How Mold Can Affect Children's Health"

Amber Ratcliffe

"Food & Water: The Best Form of Medicine, or the Slowest Form of Poison? Five Simple Things You Can Do to Thrive."

Day 5 - October 20th

Deep Impacts of Food on Your Child’s Health

Dr. Kaayla Daniel

"Be Souper! The Role of Broth and Collagen in Children's Health"

Dr. Monisha Bhanote

"Mindful Munchkins: The Science of Gut Health and Brain Nutrition for Holistic Childcare "

Day 6 - October 21st

Discover the Art of Integrative Pediatric Care & Managing your Child’s Health Effectively

Dr. Joel Warsh

"The Power of Integrative Pediatric Care"

Tara Hunkin

"Top Three Tools Needed to Navigate Holistic Healing Options for Accelerated Results for Your Child"

Day 7 - October 22nd

Highly Effective Strategies to Navigate your Child’s Food Intolerances Holistically

Joette Calabrese

"Uproot your Child's Food Intolerances, Allergies and Behavior Problem using simple Homeopathic Protocols"

Dr. Lauryn Lax

"Overcoming your Child’s Food Intolerances by Doing a Total Gut Reset"

Day 8 - October 23rd

What your Average Pediatrician Doesn’t Tell you About your Child’s ADHD, Learning Difficulties and Focus Problems

Dana Kay

"Common Underlying Stressors of ADHD"

Dr. Kristina Bosnar

"Brains on Fire: How Diet & Nutrition Impact a Child's Learning Ability"

Day 9 - October 24th

Inspirational Tools to Releasing Anxiety & Cultivating Calm in a Chaotic World

Jess Sherman

"Calming Kids' Anxiety without Reliance on Meds"

Megan Smith

"Root Cause Healing for Mother and Child Anxiety"

Day 10 - October 25th

Navigating the Neurodiversity Spectrum Holistically

Luminara Serdar

"Shifting Autism Behaviors to Greater Calm, Connection and Communication"

Dr. Donna Ruiz

"Toxic Overload in Autism Spectrum Disorders & Obstacles to Healing"

Day 11 - October 26th

Unlock the Secret of Treating PANS/PANDAS and Lyme Disease Holistically

Amy Joy Smith

"Clinical Pearls for Diagnosing and Treating PANS/PANDAS Holistically"

Heather Gray

"Is your Child's ADHD really Lyme Disease?"

Day 12 - October 27th

Discover the Power of Neuromovement® and Breathwork for your Child’s Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Anat Baniel

"NeuroMovement®: Revolutionizing and Empowering your Child’s Healing Processes through Positive felt Experiences, Brain Change, and Connection"

Sachin Patel

"Exploring the Impact of Breathwork on Children's Behavior and Dental Health"

Day 13 - October 28th

Exploring Diverse Paths of Parenthood and Education

Lisa Jendza

"Choose Creativity over Convenience"

Carmell Marchino

"How to Ditch the Shame as Parents; Unlearn and Relearn in Order to Raise Kids Who Can Create Their Own Lives"

Day 14 - October 29th

Somatics and Regulation for Healing & the Powerful Benefits of Essential Oils for You and Your Family

Trish Ward

"Resilience and Regulation: A Mother's Journey to Nervous System Balance"

Jodi Cohen

"Harnessing Essential Oils for Your and Your Child's Well-being"

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