Holistically Heal Your Child

Ami Hazel

The Ingredients We Use In & On our Bodies Matter! The Low Down on Living a Low Tox Lifestyle

Speaker Bio

Ami is an environmental toxins educator on a mission to normalize & simplify low tox living. With a background in consumer and environmental sciences, she uses her TikTok and Instagram platforms to educate families on the health harming chemicals often found in our everyday products, including how and why we want to avoid them. It all started in 2018 when her daughter suffered a brain injury at birth resulting in Cerebral Palsy and (like many of you) she set out on a path to holistically heal her daughter's brain & body. This led her to deep dive into the importance of living a clean lifestyle & as they say "the rest is history"!

Key Points About Our Chat

  • The ingredients in our products can either help or harm our health
  • How toxins in our environment and products are related to chronic health conditions
  • Find out in which products toxins can be found particularly
  • Discover what low cost or free things can be done to reduce exposure to toxins
  • Ami's most important action step to get your child finally started on it's healing journey

Featured Freebie:

Quick Start Guide to Going Toxless - 37 Quick, Easy, and Free ways to Start Living Low Tox TODAY

  • The ingredients in our products can either help or harm our health
  • Our habits matter just as much as the products we use
  • Toxic ingredients can be found in almost all product categories, so it's important to be an informed consumer
  • Drastically reduce your exposure to health harming toxins with these 37 tips
  • The guide is free & implementing these habits will cost you NOTHING.

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