Featuring 28+ TOP Healing Experts

In this FREE 14-Day Masterclass Series You'll Discover How to Start Healing Your Child by Identifying the Root Cause of its Symptoms Instead of Just Treating them Without Success.

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Featuring 28+ TOP Healing Experts

FREE 14-Day Masterclass Series to Start Healing Your Child by Identifying the Root Cause of its Symptomes so you can Start Living the Family Life of Your Dreams.

Sign up TODAY and get access to 20+ courses, eBooks and guides worth over $5,000


Bettina Gross

Your Summit Host, Pediatric Holistic Health Coach & Founder of Empowered Mom. Healthy Child.

Robin Green

Pediatric Acupuncturist & Family Health Specialist

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Author of The Autoimmune Fix & You Can Fix Your Brain

Dr. Natasha Campbel-McBride

Bestselling Author & Creator of the GAPS Protocol

Carla Atherton

Health Empowerment Coach & Director of the Healthy Family Formula

Joette Calabrese

HMC, CCH & Founder and Director of The Academy of Practical Homeopathy®

Beth Lambert

Author, Educator & Founder of  Epidemic Answers and Documenting Hope

Dr. Nasha Winters

Global Authority in Integrative Cancer Care & author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Dr. Sheila Kilbane

Integrative Pediatrician & Author of Healthy Kids Happy Moms

Cilla Whatcott

PhD, Classical Homeopath & Director of Real Immunity

Jane Barlow

Herbalist & CEO of Barlow Herbal Specialities

Dr. Sue McCreadie

Pediatric Physician & Breakthrough Coach for Midlife Mamas

Dr. Erika Gray

PhD & Co-Founder of Toolbox Genomics and MyToolbox Genomics

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Integrative Psychologist & Founder of Parenting that Heals

Sonia Story

Creator of  the Brain and Sensory Foundations Training & Founder of Move Play Thrive

Dr. Katherine Reid

PhD & Founder of Unblind my Mind

Katie Kimball

Founder and CEO at Kitchen Stewardship, LLC and Kids Cook Real Food

Dr. Piper Gibson

Doctor of Natural Medicine and Founder of Regenerating Health 

Dr. Ibby Omole

Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist

Dr. Laura Foster

Pediatric Chiropractor & Founder of Soulinspired Gurl

Anne Fischer Silva

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Founder of A New Leaf Nutrition

Sandie Gascon

Integrative Healing Practitioner & Author of  Heal Yourself

Brianna Wilkerson

Holistic Health Coach & Essential Oils Advocate

Laura Baum

Herbalist & Founder of Laura's Botanicals

Shandy Laskey

Pediatric feeding specialist and Founder of Speaking of Health & Wellness 

Dana Kaplan

Educational Coach & Founder of Developing Empathic Education (DEED) 

Jodi Cohen

Functional Practitioner & Founder and CEO of Vibrant Blue Oils

Rosalba Fontanez

Shamanic Energy  Practitioner & Teacher

Amanda Love

Holistic Nutritionist & Meal Prep Expert

Ami Hazel

Environmental Toxins Educator & Low Tox Living Consultant

This event is for you if treating you child's symptoms just hasn't worked and you realize that it's time to get to the root cause and finally start healing your child.

Holistically Heal Your Child Summit will explore...

  • A variety of holistic healing possibilities you get to choose from depending on your child's unique needs.
  • Simple steps you can implement on your own to start your kids holistic healing journey TODAY.
  • What it takes for YOU to fully step into your role as a MOM healer and take your child's health into your own hands.
  • Hidden stressors from everyday environmental exposures and their role in your child's ailments.
  • Proactive Approaches to protect your child's health, improve its sleep and reverse chronic illness! 


Here is how this works:

  • You sign up for free.
  • From October 3rd to October 16th, we will be releasing a daily set of 2 Masterclasses bringing you all the tips and insights you need to transform your child's health.
  • You can join us anytime and from any device, anywhere in the world

Even if you just have 1 hour per day, you will still get a ton of value out of this event.

Because we have brought the leading health experts together for you and your child.

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