Holistically Heal Your Child

When treating symptoms just hasn't worked, it's time to get to the root cause and finally HEAL your child…here is how.

 What is in it for You?

As one of the featured top speakers you will elevate your expert status by showcasing your brilliance and aligning yourself with other leading top influencers and change makers. You will also leverage your exposure by being introduced to the lists and social followings of the entire panel of experts. That means 30+ other experts promoting you, so you can expand your reach and impact more people. Every expert will have the opportunity to offer a free gift that leads to your opt-in page where our viewers can sign up so you can capture those new leads.

Having you part of this masterclass series would be an honour!


Expected reach to a 300k email list.

Expert Status

Align yourself with other brilliant influencers in your field.

New Leads

Offer a free gift to sign up new leads.


  • Summit Title: Holistically Heal Your Child - When treating symptoms just hasn't worked, It's time to get to the root cause and finally heal your child...here is how.
  • Summit Date: 3rd of October to 16th of October 2022
  • Promotion Period: 19th of September to 2nd of October 2022
  • 28+ top leading speakers
  • Expected outreach of 300k
  • Interviews: Are Pre-Recorded to Fit Your Schedule (30 Minutes)
  • Our Request: Is for you to share the event via 2 solo emails, newsletter blurb, and social media
  • Promo Copy: We will provide you with all the promotional materials you will need (solo emails, newsletter blurb, social media, images) by 2nd of September. We will even brand your promo with your colors if provided.
  • Pre-recorded interviews to take place: July and August to give us lots of time for busy schedules. If needed early September.
  • Contract: As soon as you say YES, we will send you a speakers contract via Google Forms, which will walk you through all the details.


So please say YES! Let's join forces to bring more AWARENESS to parents and more HEALING to the kids in need!

Together we can create an amazing event that will be remembered.