Little Gut Reset

Learn to...

  • Rebuild Your Child's Gut
  • Reset Your Child's Microbiome
  • Remove Hidden Stressors
  • Finally Heal Your Child



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Little Gut Reset is the ONLY program of its kind that helps you to:

  • Rebuild the gut from top to bottom, mouth to colon
  • Remove the hidden stressors that keep your child's body from self-healing 
  • Reset your child's microbiome to heal the gut
  • Support your child's nervous system so they can access a calm, healing state
  • Reduce whole body inflammation
  • Reset the immune system so it can focus on its actual job - fighting off viruses and bacteria
  • Heal leaky-gut to calm the immune system
  • Address leaky-brain, leaky-lungs, leaky-skin and all the symptoms related to them
  • Gain access to our favorite supplements and protocols that actually work 
  • End the day knowing that you actually made a difference in your child's health
  • Reduce your worries and anxiety overnight


Cultivating Children's Gut Wellness for Empowering the Journey through Chronic Health Challenges



Cease prodding the sore spot. 

Eliminate unexpected irritants and prevent toxins from sneaking into your child's system through seemingly healthy foods and hidden additives in supplements, hindering your child's body's natural healing abilities. Discover the fast, straightforward changes your child's gut requires with these easy substitutions and switches.


stored toxins

Help your child's body to let go.

Revive your child's digestive flow to alleviate toxin-induced blockages, clear colon and intestinal obstructions, and initiate the breakdown of harmful bacteria that have established colonies to sequester and store toxins within your child's body.



Reclaim your child's healing powers.

Restore your child's body's integrity with this straightforward, tailored plan to enhance nutrient absorption, reduce stress, dispel brain inflammation, and improve digestion, for regular and healthy bowel movements.

Little Gut Reset is the ONLY 6 Module Course that will help you make REAL PROGRESS on your Child's Healing Journey.

Here is what else you'll learn in the 6 modules...

  • Replenishing Your Child's Gut Lining
  • Reversing Persistent Dysbiosis
  • How to remove hidden gut irritants
  • Reducing "Whole Body Inflammation"
  • Detoxing gently and Restoring a State of Flow
  • Rebuilding Your Child's Immune System
  • Sinuses and Healing Infections from the Neck Up
  • Elimination Diet for Testing Food Sensitivities
  • Cooking Guidelines and Kitchen Swaps

Is LITTLE Gut Reset Right for you?

Here is how to know if you are ready to REVERSE your child's health problems:

You're just getting started on your child's holistic healing journey, and you want to do it the right way with protocols that are science-based and actually work.

You're overwhelmed by all the information, don't know where to start and quite frankly just want a proven system to follow with the support to carry you through the challenges.

You've been working on your child's health for a while, and are committed to releasing your child's chronic symptoms through deep work.

You're ready to see some REAL progress with your child's health and want to amplify their divine spark.

Your child is already eating well, and taking supplements, but you're not seeing the progress that you expected. You've plateaued and you want solutions that last.

You know that no one's going to do this for you. You're in the driver's seat, and you're the one that decides how good your child is getting to have it.

Here is what your child's next 8 weeks of healing could look like:



During our initial week together, I will guide you in comprehending your child's condition, exploring common underlying factors, understanding immune responses, inflammation, leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky skin, and leaky lungs. This will establish the foundation for you to become your child's detective in uncovering the root causes of their health issues.


Next, we progress to Module 2, where we delve into the actual identification of the root cause of your child's health concern. In this segment, you will discover potential root causes of digestive problems, explore the toxins that could have contributed to your child's symptoms, and embark on a journey to uncover these underlying factors.


We shift our focus to the swift removal of triggers. Here, we work on crafting your child's personalized nutrition blueprint and commence the journey of gut healing. Our aim is to reset the immune system, diminish inflammation, and lay the groundwork for your child's body to initiate its self-healing mechanisms. 


In this section, you'll be introduced to my detox protocol, a crucial step in fortifying the digestive tract to optimize health, digestion, and nutrient absorption. We'll explore methods for rebuilding your child's immune system and underscore the pivotal role that gut health plays in enhancing your child's immune resilience. Furthermore, you will gain insights into additional root causes of gut issues and gain the knowledge necessary to address them effectively.


We will delve into the realm of food sensitivities, with a comprehensive exploration of healing leaky gut and restoring microbiome balance. I will also unveil my essential supplement protocol, ensuring that we provide your child's body with the most beneficial supplements, administered in the correct combination and sequence, avoiding overloading their system.


In our final module, Module 6, we empower your child's innate healing abilities and transition into the realm of sustainable change. This phase involves seamlessly integrating holistic gut-health practices into your daily life. We'll work together to construct a comprehensive, long-term action plan for your family's health. Additionally, we'll explore strategies to enhance mental and emotional well-being through the lens of gut health, ensuring a holistic approach to your child's overall wellness.

What's Included in LITTLE Gut Reset

6 modules over the course of 8 weeks.

  • 6 weekly core Modules to guide you through the 6-Step HEAL Method
  • 6 weekly LIVE group coaching sessions with Bettina
  • Identify Root Causes Checklists
  • Inflammation Checklist
  • Food/Symptom Tracker
  • Elimination Diet Step-by-Step Guide
  • Reseal your Child's Gut Lining
  • Dissolve Biofilms
  • Short videos that highlight key aspects of each week's focus
  • Community Forum access to learn from and collaborate with other moms
  • Supplement Protocols for each of the 6 Steps

Starting November 13th

Check out what other moms have said about working with me...

The coaching with Bettina really helped us! My son has gained weight and his skin is much improved. Bettina really was there for us whenever we needed her for our concerns. I am much more relaxed now and my son feels that too.


After our 1.5-year-old son repeatedly suffered from high fevers and bacterial infections, we turned to Bettina.
With her help and her extensive knowledge, we managed to
strengthen his immune system. His fever attacks have not recurred ever since. We are so very grateful for her help!!


Since both my boys had been bedwetting for a long time, I decided to try 1:1 coaching with Bettina and was thrilled. The herbal formulas, nutritional recommendations and massage instructions she prescribed worked like a charm, and the beds stay dry now! Many thanks to Bettina, who supported me so well on our way.


When I first met Bettina, the kids and me were experiencing terrible digestive issues - especially constipation and tummy aches. After figuring out the causes, we adjusted our nutrition accordingly and were able to eliminate all symptoms in just 3 months. Bettina helped me to develop consistent habits and made me feel comfortable in my new role as the family's healer.


My daughter had been a bad sleeper since she was born. With Bettina's help I found the root cause for her sleeping problems, turned my home into a low-tox oasis and solved the riddle of my daughters sleeping problems. After 4 years I finally get to sleep through the night myself. This program gave me the confidence to fully step into my role as the family's healer. Thanks Bettina!


Frankly speaking, when I started coaching I was a mess! My kid was constantly sick and I was exhausted trying to get work and taking care of my child under one roof. Some might say I was burnt out. I had no more energy and was incredibly frustrated.

Bettina made me instantly feel more comfortable as a mother. I could discuss any hurdles, fears and insecurities of motherhood with her and she never judged me for any of them. She helped me release all the self blame I was holding on to and I started to regain my confidence.

I tried lots of things I never thought I would, I trusted Bettina completely and found I actually enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone. I was amazed at how quickly coaching helped us. Thank you Bettina!


MEET YOUR COACH, Bettina Gross

Hey hey hey! I’m Bettina.

I wasn't a healthy kid and because of that I missed out on a lot of fun. Conventional medicine didn't have a good answer to my ailments. What they had to offer, really just was a bandaid and made things worse in the long run.

When I was in my early 20ies I started my own holistic healing journey which eventually led me to Traditional Chinese Medicine and sent me back to school to earn my masters degree in Oriental Medicine.

When I became a mom myself I didn't have to think twice - I wanted to do things differently! I realized that I didn't want my child to reach a point where he had to miss out on anything because of lacking health.

So I armed myself with the skills to make that happen. After having incredible success with my own sons health, I followed my true calling to help other kids in need.

Since then I have helped hundreds of moms whose children are falling through the cracks of conventional medicine, to step into their own healing power, and drastically improve the health of their children so that they can live the family life of their dreams.