Heal & Thrive Masterclass

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The KIDs Heath Transformation INTENSIVE is a healing based transformation system paired with coaching, guidance and expert support, to pull together all the disjointed health pieces, identify the root-cause of your child's health problems, eliminate them and initiate a true and lasting healing process from the inside out.

  • A 6 months program of teaching, expert support and coaching, including:
  • A private 1:1 coaching to receive your child's holistic diagnosis
  • 6 months health coaching with Bettina
  • 2 monthly group coaching calls to help you overcome your challenges and ensure your progress
  • 6 monthly core modules to guide you through the 6 step HEAL! System
  • 6 monthly workbooks, lists and resources to help you keep your focus and save time
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group and highly supportive community 
  • Lifetime access to the membership portal including all future updates 
  • Support and accountability of the KIDs Health Transformation Intensive community, available 7 days a week 

Together we will:


We'll set up all the basic foundations to kick off your child's healing journey by learning what you are up against. But don't worry, I promise we'll make it fun and easy.


It is time to roll up your sleeves and become your child's Sherlock Holmes. Including mentoring from me so you can nail down the root cause for your child's health issues and uncover what is really going on under the surface.


It is time to fully step into your new role as a MOM-Healer and to start implementing your child's personalized healing blueprint. Together we create a holistic tool kit for healing and wholeness that will awaken your child's healing powers.


This is the easy part. Just lean back and watch as your child's body miraculously does what it does best - heal itself. With confidence, ease and the support to make it happen, recognizing your child's perfection.


Advanced practical strategies to achieve and optimize healing and wellness for the entire family by moving from crisis management into the prevention stage.


How to become a role model for your children by setting an example and upgrading your health mindset. Including a health routine that is doable longterm and keeping up your Mama-Mojo.

Limited Time Offer

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If you are ready to get serious and make your child's healing happen so you finally get to enjoy a carefree and "normal" family life then I can help.

Together we can heal your child and make the world a better place for children.

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Here is how being part of my programs has helped other moms like you...

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive allowed me to become a MOM-Healer"

"To be my families healer, I needed consistent habits.  I figured I was missing a piece to the puzzle and turned to Bettina who handed it right to me."


Mom of Julia (5) and Oliver (10)

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive gave me the freedom that comes with health"

"Bettina's program gave me the freedom in knowing that I can take on children's healing no matter the situation! Having that peace of mind is just priceless."


Mom of Cindy (6), Liam (12)

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive helped me to overcome stress and anxiety"

"My daughters health problems put a lot of stress on me. Now her health problems are almost completely resolved and I have the serenity and confidence to support her healing journey with ease. "


Mom of Sophia (4)

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive is the only program you need to support your child's health"

"Thank you so much for this course. I've done countless online-courses and this was one of the very few i finished. Bettina is really great! I wholeheartedly recommend investing in your child's health with Bettina, her program is everything you need. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it!


Mom of Elijah (3)

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive is doable even if you are an extremely busy mom"

"Even as a mom with a full-time job you can easily apply the recommended life style changes. The content is prepared in such a way that it is easy to understand and can be put into practice immediately. It is essential for every mother who wants to support the health of her child in the best possible way."


Mom of Emma (1), Henry (6)

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive helped me to reclaim my night sleep"

"My daughter had been a bad sleeper since she was born. With Bettina's help I found the root cause for her sleeping problems, turned my home into a low-tox oasis and solved the riddle of my daughters sleeping problems. After 4 years I finally get to sleep through the night myself. This program gave me the confidence to fully step into my role as the family's healer. Thanks Bettina!"


Mom of Rosa (4)