Wahoo!!! You're In!

Congrats and Welcome to KIDs Health Transformation Intensive!

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Before we start, there are a couple of things I need you to do!

Go find your Welcome Email

First up, go to your email inbox and locate your welcome email which will tell you exactly how to access the members area and get started.

Join the Program Group

Next, click the button below to request access to our highly private program group - that’s where you can post questions, share your wins and connect with other moms, for 24/7 community support. I’ll be hanging out there as well to answer your questions!

Access your Members Area

To get access to the monthly core modules you have to log into the members area. You'll receive your login details in the welcome email if you are enrolling in one of my programs for the first time. If you are an existing member of another of my programs use simply log in with your usual credentials by using the button below.

Pick your Slot for your Private 1:1 Call

In the first 30 days of the program we will meet privately 1:1 so I get to know you and your child's situation in detail for individually customized support. You will receive your child's holistic diagnosis after our meeting. Please choose your slot for an appointment by clicking the button below to access my calendar.

Add Calls to your Calendar

Add the bi-weekly group coaching calls to your calendar for extra coaching support and accountability from me.

I'm so happy you are here and that I get to support you on your child's healing journey!

By joining the program you have already taken the first step on that journey that will lead your child towards health and wellness, and will ultimately make your vision of a carefree, happy family life come true.

From the very first module you will know, the investment you just made in your child's health and the future of your whole family, will change everything! And be supporting you for the years to come.

KIDs Health Transformation Intensive is the culmination of over a decade of hands-on holistic healing experience. It has everything you need to heal your child from the inside out and create  a family life full of laughter and joy. A family life that fits YOU!

So let's not wate any more time.

I'll see you inside!

xx Bettina