Are you tired of dealing with your child’s health problems? Maybe it’s food allergies and you have to double-check every ingredient before you use it in your meals. One wrong ingredient can translate into a lost school day or worse a trip to the ER.

Or maybe your child’s issue isn’t allergies but frequent infections. He catches a cold every few weeks regardless of how warm you keep him. 

Don’t even think about all the fun he misses out on because he has to stay in bed… again.

If these issues aren’t defining the health of your child then it really can be any other issue – asthma, skin problems, digestive problems or even behavioral issues like ADHD or anxiety.

The list of health problems our children suffer from these days is long.

I completely understand that you are tired. After all, you are the one mainly taking care of your loved one.

If only there was a remedy – a magic pill that can cure every ailment of your child at once.

If this has been going on for a while chances are that you are willing to try anything – from dietary supplements to super-foods, to homeopathy, or even energy healing. Anything, as long as it helps your child at least a little. You just can’t watch her suffer any longer.

As a mom I completely understand you. No mom should have to watch her child be less than happy.

Unfortunately in your longing to help your child, you missed one point – a very crucial point.

Most western drugs or natural remedies are developed to treat a specific symptom but don’t take your whole child's uniqueness into consideration.

Only if you look at your child as a whole person - holistically - will you eventually be able to see the whole picture of their health.

But why do we talk about holistic health? What is the difference between treating a symptom versus treating the whole child? And can a holistic view really initiate healing? These are a few questions we shall answer in this post, all in the light of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the medical system I vouch for.

I am already doing so much to help my child! Why doesn’t any of it work?

When you went to the supplement aisle at Whole Foods, to pick a homeopathic remedy, your only  goal was to make your child feel better, right?

But let’s be honest. Did that really happen?

Were you able to get rid of that rash or the runny nose at pollen season?

Did you achieve the results you were looking for? 

For example, just this morning, I listened to a radio commercial while driving my son to kindergarden. It was talking about a dietary supplement, supposedly an immune booster, containing Go Qi berries and some other magic ingredient, a true miracle cure.

And that may be the case, I don't want to deny that at all. Go Qi berries are commonly used in TCM and are definitely a superfood.

What I'm getting at is the one-sided approach: you take a dietary supplement and like a miracle your immune system is suddenly super strong and resistant - otherwise everything stays the same.

Unfortunately I cannot support this approach because that’s just not what I have experienced, for myself or my patients in my many years of practice.

Now you might be asking yourself: But what else can I do then to help my child?

And that's actually very simple.

It is so simple, you can start right now. Just see you child as a whole person - as body, mind and soul.

Are you still doubting the whole holistic health philosophy?

Don’t worry! The problem usually lies not in the philosophy itself nor its application but in your struggle to follow through with it completely.

You see, TCM considers these health problems not as standalone illnesses but as indicators that point to a deeper issue.

When you search for a remedy for your child's health problem based on the indicator he is showing, the remedy remains effective on just that indicator. 

This remedy may even suppress it for some time. But because the actual cause is left untreated, the indicator keeps recurring or re-appears as another health issue.

Instead of treating the symptom, TCM focuses on the reason behind this symptom and uses a combination of different remedies including diet, acupressure, herbal therapy, and massage to treat it.

Once the culprit is dealt with – and the patient resorts to a healthy lifestyle based on TCM philosophy – the chances of reappearance of the symptom are essentially eliminated.

Why You should Focus on Holistic Health

Just like an adult, a child is an entity made of three components: mind, body, and soul.

Their health depends on complete harmony between all these components.

A lack or imbalance in one leads to imbalance in the others, which eventually affects health.

In other words, you cannot heal and attain complete – or holistic health – if any of these components are imbalanced or troubled.

Fortunately, TCM provides an effective yet easy to follow path to health, simply by restoring balance in the body.

Treating Symptoms VS Treating the Whole Child

By now you understand that the treatment with TCM – and any other holistic healthcare system – includes not just getting rid of the most bothersome symptom, for example an itchy rash, but also addresses the underlying cause, responsible for that rash in the first place.

By doing so balance is restored in the whole body and lasting healing can take place.

By finding those imbalances in your child’s body and aligning all healing modalities - diet, supplements, herbal remedies, acupressure and massages - to address those imbalances, in root as well as presentation, deep inner healing can finally happen.

From here it’s just a short jump to well-being and happiness.

The 3 Steps to Restored Health

According to TCM, health is an optimal balance between yin and yang. Any imbalance between these two forces leads to health issues.

In my work I use a 3-step approach to restore a child’s health.

The first step involves understanding the issue.

By using the diagnostic tools Chinese medicine offers, we are able to understand the origin of the illness and why it presents with a particular symptom.

We also take the child’s personality type and environment into consideration to grasp the underlying ailment.

The second step is devising a healing strategy to restore balance.

This step includes nutrition, massage, acupressure, herbal therapy, and lifestyle changes.

Note that this strategy doesn’t only address the underlying ailment but is also sustainable because it is built with keeping the uniqueness of your child and their environment in mind.

The last step is letting the innate healing system of the body take over to sustain optimal health.

Supporting this natural mechanism with continued optimized lifestyle choices is an important part of step 3.

Closing Words

It’s natural for you to feel concerned about your child’s health and to seek speedy and reliable recovery.

But for most over-the-counter remedies, speed and reliability are two opposites that never coexist.

If you want a solution that is highly effective, supports your child’s healthy development and is persistent, you should seek a holistic healing solution that is unique to your child’s personality and environment.

That way you will restore the natural balance in your child's body, restore health and finally be able to raise a healthy, happy kid.

Ready for the Next Step?

If you have been wondering by now if your child's body is out of balance and how severe their imbalance might be, then take the free Body Balance Assessment.

After taking it you will receive a beautiful pdf guide which will give you more clarity as well as 3 simple actions you can take today to start re-balancing your child's body and start inner healing. To the Body Balance Assessment.

About the Author Bettina

Bettina Gross is a holistic pediatric health coach who empowers moms to take charge of their kids health and step into their own role as a healer, so that they can raise healthy, happy kids and live the family life of their dreams.

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