How Bettina helps You and Your Child

Treating the whole person instead of symptoms

Is treating your child’s symptoms really the best way to get rid of its health issues?

If you are a health conscious mom you already know that raising a healthy child means paying attention to the wellness of your child's mind, body and soul.

Unfortunately I often see parents make the mistake of focusing on trying to get rid of a specific symptom without considering the origin of the problem. By doing so they end up wasting months and months by trying different supplements, remedies and dietary changes. Usually without success.

Key to initiating true healing and long lasting health is finding the root cause of your child's health problem - the imbalance within. Only by doing so its little will be able to activate its own healing powers and start the inner healing process.

Finding the root cause of your child's Health problem is therefore our first step on your health journey.

Focused treatment strategy

Throwing everything you got at your child’s health problem is the worst thing you can do.

Nevertheless I often see parents make that mistake, hoping that the more they try the sooner their child will get better. What they are missing is a focused treatment strategy.

That’s why I give you a detailed treatment strategy  that addresses your child’s imbalances with the right tools. You know exactly what to do and when. In this case less really is more and I guarantee you, you won't be overwhelmed any more.

Consistent implementation is the key

Did you expect to see a change in your child's health within a few days of trying a new treatment approach? Then chances are you were disappointed.

Inner healing - true healing - just takes time and consistency.

I understand that you are a busy mom and that the thought of adding more to your daily schedule might scare you. Please keep in mind that your child is depending on you to implement the changes necessary to help him heal.

It's not a matter of time, it's a matter of priorities. Your child's health should be a priority to you. This is not a quick fix, this is a permanent solution and those take time.

By following my step-by-step process you will actually spend less time searching the internet for answers and solutions, with no guarantee that any of that will improve your child's condition. You will know that the time you spend will not be wasted.

With my support you will not be overwhelmed and being part of my community gives you the motivation you need to follow through.

Everything starts in the gut

Most moms come to me thinking that they already provide their child with a healthy diet. But let me tell you that the mainstream western approach of a healthy diet is not what your child needs for optimal development.

I will show you how you can use traditional foods as medicine to correct your child's imbalances while making sure your child develops a healthy, strong digestive system - the basis of a strong immune system.

Start healing your child yourself

So many parents are frustrated by the lack of answers and feel sidelined when they ask deeper questions about the root causes of their child's symptoms.

I've heard many pediatricians and specialists advise parents:
  • She'll eventually outgrow it (there's nothing that can be done) 

  • We don't know the cause (and we don't care to look deeper)

  • Food choices won’t make a difference

  • Alternative healing methods don’t work

  • You're overreacting, there's nothing to diagnose

Whether you’re searching for answers without a diagnosis, or you’re dealing with complex chronic conditions, you can help your child!

I even want to say that only you as its primary caregiver can give your child the care it needs to get better. Only you can implement the changes necessary to start its healing process and thrive to its fullest potential. Only you can create the family life you have always dreamed of.

And I can help you with that.

See How Bettina Has Helped Her Clients:

"Within 6 weeks of starting to work with Bettina, my sons condition already improved a lot. His eczema almost cleared completely and he sleeps through the night. What's even more amazing is that now I see the whole picture of his health more clearly. And I have a path to follow for the rest of my motherhood."

Claudia McEvoy

Mom of Zach, 2 yo

"After working with Bettina my daughter's allergies vanished almost completely. What's really awesome is that Bettina is one of the few health care professionals that really CARES. She shows up for her clients, she knows what she is doing, and she is understands the obstacles mothers have to overcome on a daily basis."

Theresa Parker

Mom of Kelli, 5 yo

"Working with Bettina has been an huge learning process for me. I still have a lot to learn, but I am starting to feel more confident to make the right decisions for my children's health every day. I am much more relaxed as a mom and I feel that things are finally coming together. We are having so much more fun now and get to enjoy our life as a family."

Clara Simon

Mom of Ella and Nala, 4 and 7 yo

"For years doctors have told me that my son will eventually outgrow his health problems. But no doctor could ever tell me why my son was struggling in the first place. Thank you so much for the clarity you gave me, Bettina. Throughout my time with you my son has been able to make life-changing breakthroughs and his health has improved SO much."

Christina Williams

Mom of Leo, 8 Yo

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