Unravel Your Child's Food Sensitivities in 4 Weeks!

KIDs Food Freedom


"Give me 4 weeks and you'll finally know what to safely feed your child with my KIDs FOOD FREEDOM MEAL-PLAN."

Believe me...

One thing you really have to keep in mind is that what your child eats has everything to do with the symptoms that they are having!

But figuring out what food is actually causing their symptoms can be a real challenge.

Lab tests for food sensitivities are costly but not reliable.

Experimenting on your own takes a lot of time and gets easily frustrating and overwhelming...

...there are so many questions you don't have an answer to like...

  • Which foods should I leave out?
  • Do I have to remove them completely?
  • How long do I have to remove them?
  • What the heck should I feed my child if I'm leaving out all those foods!?
  • Where do I get recipes from that are safe AND kids-friendly??

The KIDs Food Freedom Meal-Plan answers all those questions for you!

The KIDs Food Freedom Meal-Plan is the solution to the struggle that moms face when they are starting to test foods they'r suspecting to be a trigger for their child's symptoms.

It gives you...

  • Clarity on which foods to eliminate by excluding the 6 most common triggers responsible for food sensitivities and related symptoms: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, nuts and soy.
  • A 4 week meal plan, which is enough time to see significant improvements
  • You will always know what to feed your child for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacktime.
  • It gives you all the recipes you need to provide your child with a clean, balanced, kids friendly diet.
  • A shopping list and my meal prep tips will make sure you are not spending those 4 weeks tied to the kitchen!
  • AND most importantly, you'll see your child get better by the day!

One-Time Payment



  • Introduction video 
  • 4 weekly meal plans
  • 20 x breakfast recipes
  • 20 x lunch recipes
  • 20 x dinner recipes
  • 20 x snack ideas
  • 4 weekly shopping lists



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 Discover Food Freedom for Your Child: Finally Know What to Safely Feed Them with Our 4-Week Meal Plan!