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Thursday 2 March 2023

9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 5pm London

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Here is how being part of my programs has helped other moms like you...

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive allowed me to become a MOM-Healer"

"To be my families healer, I needed consistent habits.  I figured I was missing a piece to the puzzle and turned to Bettina who handed it right to me."


Mom of Julia (5) and Oliver (10)

"KIDs Health Transformation Intensive gave me the freedom that comes with health"

"Bettina's program gave me the freedom in knowing that I can take on children's healing no matter the situation! Having that peace of mind is just priceless."


Mom of Cindy (6), Liam (12)

"KIDs Health Transformation Helped me to overcome stress and anxiety"

"My daughters health problems put a lot of stress on me. Now her health problems are almost completely resolved and I have the serenity and confidence to support her healing journey with ease. "


Mom of Rosa (4)