Does my story sound like your kid's?


I was NOT a healthy child.

I was pale and skinny, was constantly sick with throat and ear infections and missed out on a lot of fun.

My mom did the best she could.

But couldn't work out why.

I wasn't a healthy kid. Since early childhood, I suffered from severe ear and throat infections several times a year. I received one course of antibiotics after the other. Due to my constant illness, I really missed a lot that would have been fun. Celebrations in kindergarten, birthday parties, I even remember celebrating Christmas in bed. At the age of 6, deficits were discovered in a hearing test. Back then tonsillectomy was the state of the art treatment for my condition - so I went to surgery. This made the infections go away, but it didn't make me any healthier. I still got sick a lot. It just presented differently.

I am eternally grateful to my mom for everything she has done for me, but nothing can make up for the deficits starting in childhood, which still define my health up until today.

When I became a mom myself I didn't have to think twice - I wanted to do things differently!


Holistic Pediatric Health Coach

If your kid struggles with  Health Problems and conventional medicine isn't able to Resolve the Issue,

we need to Talk.

I'm Bettina, holistic pediatric health coach, specializing in helping moms to eliminate, reduce or manage their kids health problems, so that they can raise healthy, happy kids and enjoy family life in full.

It starts with embracing the uniqueness of your child, respecting its body and creating inner balance so your child can thrive to its fullest potential.

I can help you achieve the health and wellness in your family that you so long for without having to sacrifice yourself to find it.

I was an ambitious adventurous woman searching for Purpose, but still had a whole lot of health problems myself.

I appeared to have the life many dream of.

But despite external signs of success and adventure, I was battling with stress, a variety of health problems and doubts in my lives purpose. I was constantly searching for something else, something more meaningful, something to leave my mark.

I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) quite early on. I started suffering from frequent urinary tract infections at the age of 16. Again, conventional medicine only had antibiotics in stock, for which I was of course infinitely grateful, but which at the same time sent me into a vicious circle by constantly destroying my body's microbiome.

Already marked as a candidate for an artificial urinary bladder by my urologist, it was a TCM therapist who freed me from my suffering and healed it completely.

With this experience the seed was sown that would germinate a few years later and become my calling - namely to be able to help other people in a similar way.

 Becoming a Mom Literally changed my life.

Which is why I shifted my practice to pediatrics and dedicated my work to helping kids get well again.

As part of that I run a 6 months long empowering group coaching for a small group of moms, to kick off their healing journey, start rebalancing their kids body, start inner healing and find more happiness.

When I became a mother, I realized that I didn't want my child to reach a point where he had to miss out on anything because of lacking health. I also wanted for him to grow into a healthy adult. Because with my TCM background, I could now link my own health history to not only my constitution but also my upbringing, I simply decided for myself that I would do certain things differently.

So I armed myself with the skills to make that happen. Already a TCM Therapist, I trained in TCM pediatrics and coaching.  I studied pediatric nutrition and launched my online coaching services.

I now work with moms - online, in-person - to help them discover their own healing skills, so that they can raise healthy, happy kids and enjoy their family life in full.

"You gave me answers and tools alongside with confidence, to turn my kinds health 180 degrees! We are so very greatful and can't recommend you highly enough."


Empowered Mom of 5 year old Jonas

"There is no way to be a

Perfect Mother

But a million ways

to be a

Good One."

I want you to know that you are not alone,

but that you can do this by yourself.

It took me 15 years to figure out where my health problems originally come from but I will have to pay attention to them for the rest of my life.

I had to learn that living a healthy life does in fact start after we are born and that as a mother it is my responsibility to support my child's health from the beginning.

I don't want your child to make the same experience. The stakes are too high, and it hast missed out on enough already.

Your child deserves to live a health, happy life.

And a healthy, happy life begins with supporting your child's health when and where it's needed.

Knowing that you love your child more than anything and that you want its very best, I am sure you will support it on this journey.

The Body Balance Assessment will help you find the best place to start.