Bettina Gross

Empowered Mom.

Healthy Child.

Discover 3 simple actions you can take right now to restore your child's health and live the family life you have always dreamed of!

Hi,I'm Bettina.

I am a holistic pediatric health coach, acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist but most importantly, I am a mom just like you.

I help moms frustrated with conventional medicine to find new ways to integrate holistic approaches into their child's health journey, so they can raise healthy, happy kids and enjoy family life in full.

Instead of managing symptoms or waiting it out, like conventional medicine often recommends, I have a holistic approach to your child's health problem and show you how You can activate its body's own healing powers, to remove imbalances, start inner healing that lasts and restore wellness.

With courses and one-on-one coaching I have helped many moms to raise a happy family in a healthy home.

3 Ways I Can Help You

Free Body Balance Assessment

Discover if your child's body is out of balance and learn 3 simple actions you can take right now, to positively impact your child's health.

Holistic Healing Course

Uncover the root of your child's health problem, restore body balance and start inner healing. In You Can! Heal Your Child, I show you exactly how.

1:1 Health Coaching

Let me personally guide you and your child on your journey to health and wellbeing, and get rid of your child's health problems once and for all.

About Bettina

Bettina Gross, MSTOM, NCCAOM Diplomate, is an expert in the art of pediatric acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition. After her son was born she realized that her true calling was to help kids. Since then the focus of her practice has shifted to pediatrics.

She is the author of the popular health blog Empowered Mom. Healthy Child. where she offers parents TCM-focused health advice for their kids and connects them to their own healing powers.

As a pediatric holistic health coach she helps parents to address the root cause of their child’s health problems, when western medicine isn’t enough.

When she is not working with kids, writing or coaching parents, you’ll find her playing with her son, her horses and dog, preparing delicious yet healthy meals, and enjoying family gatherings, especially if there is food included.

What Other Moms Have To Say

The coaching with Bettina really helped us! My son has gained weight and his skin is much improved. Bettina took a lot of time for our concerns. I am much more relaxed now and my son feels that too.

Christine, Mom of Jakob (2yo)

Before I met Bettina I thought that I couldn't help my child because I am not a medical professional. Bettina proved me wrong. She gave me the tools along with confidence, to really make an impact in my child's health. Thanks Bettina!!

Lisa. MOM of Rose (4YO)

After our 1.5-year-old son repeatedly suffered from bouts of fever and bacterial infections, we turned to Bettina.
With her help and her extensive knowledge, we managed to strengthen his immune system. His fever attacks have not recurred ever since. We are so very grateful for her help!!

Mary, MOM of Leo (2yo)

Since both my boys had been bedwetting for a long time, I decided to try 1:1 coaching with Bettina and was thrilled. The herbal formulas, nutritional recommendations and massage instructions she prescribed worked like a charm, and the beds stay dry now! Many thanks to Bettina, who supported me so well on our way.

Shery, Mom of Tim (6yo) and Jake (8yo)

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